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Signing Up For PayChex (HOW TO GET YOUR PAY STUBS)

Follow the directions at the link below to sign up to view your pay stubs through PayChex.

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Dress for the Weather!

As a reminder, if some or all of your shift will be outdoors, remember to dress for the weather. In the warm weather, be sure to bring sun protection and wear clothing that is comfortable in the high heat. If it's cold please wear appropriate layers underneath the required uniform, including: gloves, long johns, jackets, sweaters, undershirts, hats, socks, or whatever you need to feel comfortable in the weather conditions you face. If you are dressed insufficiently for the weather, you may be sent home by a supervisor.

K Van Clief

Employee Referral Program

This is the new and improved Employee Referral Program. We've made it much easier for you to make money working with your friends.

Download Information in PDF Format
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GMCS Pay Periods and Check Dates

Pay Period Start Pay Period End Pay Date
3/26/2016 4/8/2016 4/15/2016
4/9/2016 4/22/2016 4/29/2016
4/23/2016 5/6/2016 5/13/2016
5/7/2016 5/20/2016 5/27/2016
5/21/2016 6/3/2016 6/10/2016
6/4/2016 6/17/2016 6/24/2016
6/18/2016 7/1/2016 7/8/2016
7/2/2016 7/15/2016 7/22/2016
7/16/2016 7/29/2016 8/5/2016
7/30/2016 8/12/2016 8/19/2016
8/13/2016 8/26/2016 9/2/2016
8/27/2016 9/9/2016 9/16/2016
9/10/2016 9/23/2016 9/30/2016
9/24/2016 10/7/2016 10/14/2016
10/8/2016 10/21/2016 10/28/2016
10/22/2016 11/4/2016 11/11/2016

S King

Employee Development Payrate increases

As a GMCS employee, you are eligible for the following hourly pay increases


IAVM Crowd  Mgr.                                          $.50

MA Crowd Mgr. (DFS)                                    $.25

RI Crowd Mgr.                                                 $.50

RI Host                                                             $.50

VT DLC                                                             $.25

TIPS**                                                               $.25

NIMS*                                                               $.25

ME DLC                                                             $.25

NH DLC                                                              $.25        

*Required for all Supervisors

**No increase for VT licensed staff (State of VT does not recognize Tips)

In order to be eligible for pay increases, you must hold a minimum of 1 valid Security Guard card in one of the following states: VT, NH, NY, NJ, CT, VA.  You must also not be in arrears on any payments to GMCS or GMF.

 You MUST keep your license or certification current, or you will forfeit any raise associated with it.

Please note that you must provide the office ( with a copy of your License or Certification in order to receive your increase.

C Lord

State DLC online courses

Vermont in person courses:

Vermont DLC online course:

NH DLC online course:

Maine DLC online course:

R Penchina

NIMS Incident Command System

All Supervisors MUST take the NIMS Incident Command System course.  This is given online.  Staff may take this course if they wish. Please submit certificates to the office after you have completed the course.

NIMS - 100b -

R Penchina

Crowd Manager training

These are Crowd Manager certificate programs that you may take online.

IAVM Crowd Manager training:( There is a $15 fee for this course)

  Mass. DFS Certificate Website:

Maryland Crowd Manger's Training

R Penchina

6 things you MUST have when you report to work

When you report to work you MUST have the following:

1. Your photo ID

2. Your security license

3. A PEN

4. Something to write on


6. DLC Certification

R Penchina


Please be advised, If a GMCS employee is arrested for any reason, we must notify the Secretary of States office within 72 hours. Please notify the GMCS office immediately if you are arrested.

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Training Announcements

10/22/2016 - 40 Hour Vermont Training- Nancy Murray (802) 999-1175
10/23/2016 - Vermont Condensed Training - Nancy Murray (802) 999-1175
10/30/2016 - New York Pre-Assignment 8 hour- David Wolfe (802) 373-8547
12/4/2016 - Condensed Training Modules 3-7
12/6/2016 - Vermont Security Guard Training, CPR & AED
12/10/2016 - New York Pre-Assignment Class - 8 Hour
12/11/2016 - Condensed training CPR, AED & First Aid
12/11/2016 - New York Annual Training
12/13/2016 - Vermont Security Guard Training - First Aid
12/17/2016 - 40 hour - Vermont 8 hour
12/18/2016 - Condensed training, Modules 8C-12.
12/20/2016 - Vermont Security Guard Training - Emergency Situations
12/27/2016 - Vermont Security Guard Training - GMCS Management & GMCS Posts & Procedures